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Never will I Run!

By Alison Uuereb (Mom to Greta and Luna)

Never-ever will I run!  Those were my thoughts for as long as I can remember. I think I enjoyed running once because I can remember lifeguards telling me to walk when at the pool and my parents yelling at me to stop running in the house. However, being told to run in middle and high school was my greatest fear. I loved sports, all sports, if I did not have to run.  I was a great swimmer, loved to backpack, scuba dive, and even walked 3 different 1/2 marathons in my past because winning medal, if only for participation, is a motivator for me.

Being large chested and obese most of my life was my excuse not to run. Two years ago, I had enough and made a change for my health and for my daughter. When I lost 100 lbs I rewarded my efforts and rescued a husky mix. The shelter warned me that she would need lots of exercise and I took on the challenge as I also knew I needed to up my fitness goals. Luna, short for Lunatic, needed more than long walks and I found myself jogging off and on with her as it helped get out some of her puppy energy out and made her training go much smoother.

Turkey Trot, with Greta 2019

Spring is (Done) and New Challenge Hybrid

This 2 month challenge, you set your own speed goals for a (5K/10K race) and post your mileage on challenge page to keep up the motivation. Looking for extra motivation we challenge you to complete 125 miles for the 5k race training and 175 miles for the 10k race training. The challenge ends with the "Spring is Done" 5K/10k Virtual event.

Not too late to register. You can log your past activity to August 1st.

Our Mileage Challenge is a Wrap! Those of you who stuck with the plan and logged those miles even when you didn't feel like getting out of bed, CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ARE REALLY AMAZING!

Total cumulative challenge miles run by all was 10,588!

For a lot of runners, nothing makes us happier than running in an event with our buddies after months and months of training. Some of us are fast, some of us, not so much.... The feeling of accomplishment at the finish line is mostly the same. Relief, soreness, fatigue and a sense of pride that is hard to duplicate.  Here are a few pictures from the race many of us ran just before the world shut down; The beautiful Napa Valley Marathon, Sunday March 1st, 2020.


The Milers are looking forward to the Santa Rosa Marathon in August , Our own rescheduled Spring has Sprung happening October 4th, and the California International Marathon in December!

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