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Jamie Sears (left) receiving her 3rd place award from Director, Jeanine Burnett (right) at the 2006 Kids Survivor Program HVL, CA.

California Badassery

By Jamie Sears

(a past, relocated Lake County Miler)

March 15, 2021

It’s the days when the body aches, the desire is low,

you feel tired and you feel weak... Those are the days

when champions train.


I felt a little jealous that Sean had such a cool

nickname on strava (the Filipino Heat). I wanted one

of my own, but I had no idea what to call myself.


After I completed the David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge,

Sean started calling me California Badass. I didn’t know

how I felt about the name. I struggle with imposter

syndrome, always feeling like I don’t do enough, I could

have done better. Even things like the Butler County

Milers. Sean will remind me all the time that I created

and manifested this group and all of the incredible

people that have become a part of it. And I just think,

“who am I to lead a running group?” I have a hard time

taking credit because I don’t feel like I’m good enough

to be in that position.


So when Sean started calling me California Badass,

I pushed back and had a hard time accepting the name. Yeah, I did run the David Goggins Challenge - but I could have ran it better.


Today, my legs were absolutely dead. After the weekend’s festivities, they felt heavy and tired and sore. I didn’t know how I could run, but one thing the David Goggins Challenge taught me is that you always have more in the tank than you think you do.

We were coming up to the end of the run, and I just started thinking to myself, “you know what, maybe I do deserve that name.”


Last weekend, I completed the 4x4x48 challenge, 48 miles total. I’d never ran that far in a week, let alone a weekend. It was hard physically and mentally, but I never gave up. I never quit.


This past week, I rested my legs as best as I could but still made every group run.

Saturday, I PR’d everything from my 400 meter to the 5k. Then we drove 2.5 hours and woke up the next day to hike the 1000 steps trail (which has more than 1000 steps ). Then we kept going and trail ran some pretty rough trails up the mountain and climbed a total of about 2100 feet (800 of that in the first mile).


I didn’t have to come out today. I could have stayed home and relaxed on the couch, but I didn’t. I pushed myself past what I told myself my limits were and I kept going.

I’m not always the fastest person. I don’t always top the leader boards on strava or make it up the hill before anybody else. But I do not quit. I keep going, even when it’s hard.


That’s who I am at my best.

That’s who I was becoming 4

years ago when I walked away

from my marriage, my friends

and some of my family, my job

and my home. I felt like I let

that part of me slip for a while.

But that’s who I feel myself

becoming again today.

We always want to quit when

we are on the brink of greatness.

Today reminded me that I am

not a quitter, that I am someone

who will keep pushing forward,

and I absolutely deserve the

nickname of California Badass.

Jamie Sears 1.JPG

Jamie Practicing being “Bad” Thousand Steps, Mount Union, PA

Jamie Sears 2.JPG

Jamie is pictured in the Purple Jacket along with some of her “Butler County Milers” crew at Moraine State PA.

Lake County Milers President, Jeanine Burnett:  I first met Jamie as a quiet, somewhat overweight 13 year old teenage girl at our very successful Teen Survivors challenge program 2006 Hidden Valley Lake.  What stood out to me about Jamie, was unlike many of the 20+ kids in the program, she was not involved in school sports and she was shy. Yet, there was something about her...She pushed herself. She took every opportunity given to her to do extra. She had tons of heart and brains. In the end, she took 3rd overall. She impressed me then and she sure impresses me now! Jamie is changing people’s lives with her own running club in Pennsylvania, she is still pushing herself and she now is definitely an athlete and a leader. (She runs, she motivates others in a HUGE way AND she does some mean Yoga). She sure is an encourager. She has encouraged me more than she knows.

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