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We know you want to gain or maintain your fitness. Why not join the Lake County Milers and be part of the best Running and Walking Club in Lake County?  The Milers are strong believers in family-fitness.  Fitness at every age is our creed.




Friendly and active running and walking club-based in Lake County California. Currently most of our weekend runs are held in the beautiful south county region of Middletown, Hidden Valley Lake and Lower Lake. We host Weekly Runs, Club-only events throughout the year, plus our Spring Has Sprung Run (5k/10k and kids run) in Hidden Valley Lake in May. Join us today to renew or register to our Club!

2020 A New Decade of Possibilities with the Milers !

With the dawning of a new decade, 2020 is a great time to start fresh. Whether it be developing fitness goals, adventuring outside more frequently, or just meeting more locals, Lake County Milers is a great place to start. Lake County Milers is a family-friendly club that promotes walking and running events in Lake County. It is a non-profit organization that encourages those of ALL ages and ALL fitness levels to join others for various running and walking activities. The best part? You, too, can enjoy this opportunity!

With a minimal yearly fee ($15/individual, $30/household family), you will have the opportunity to explore Lake County on various runs/walks. Not only will you be invited to all of our events, but you will also have access to our exclusive monthly newsletters and the chance to meet other like-minded individuals (who may just become your best friend!). It can be intimidating to start something new on your own, but The Milers make it so everyone feels included and that all fitness levels are addressed.

The Milers host runs/walks every weekend. Saturdays are our “fun runs” that offer a laid-back environment for kids, adults, walkers, joggers, and runners to get together and make fitness enjoyable! All Miler members will have access to our special “themed” Saturdays where we offer special treats such as hot chocolate, coffee, small bites, and other surprises. With a membership, the luxury of being in-the-know on our free tailgates, free summer pizza runs and free ice cream runs will be at your fingertips! These runs are typically hosted in the South County area.

On Sundays, the Milers offer longer runs for those who are training for an upcoming event or just want to add a few more miles to their shoes (typically between 6-10 mile options). Do you want to participate in a 10k for the first time? A half marathon? A full marathon? This is the place to start! With a variety of members comes a variety of levels and knowledge to share! You are NEVER to slow to join us and you can ALWAYS learn something new from others. These runs are typically offered in the Middletown, Lower Lake, Hidden Valley Lake, and Kelseyville area. We love discovering new routes to run!

With the new year, we are excited to offer evening runs and hiking opportunities as well. Don’t forget to mark May 17th on your calendar for our annual Spring Has Sprung 5k, 10k, and Kids Race in Hidden Valley Lake. We would love to have you join!

For more information regarding upcoming events, how to register, or simply more information check out the Lake County Milers Facebook Page. To register, go to

We can’t wait to see you!

Connect with Us

      707-987-3229 ​​m

All Comers
Walkers, Runners
All Abilities
Meet us 8:30 AM
Mountain High Coffee, HVL
for 3 Mile Walk or Run

Saturday, 2/1/20, 8:30 AM


In honor of Groundhog Day, we are going to DO IT AGAIN… REPEAT…

our hot chocolate tailgate and walk/run in a special location!


We’ll have you running in CIRCLES… over and over and over again!

Out walk/slog/jog/run your Shadow for 30-40 minutes then enjoy refreshments, refreshments, refreshments!!!

Invite your friends and family!

Coyote Valley Plaza, HVL (By Rainbow Pet).

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