The pounds continued to come off as I am down almost 170lbs now. I found myself watching YouTube videos to learn more about running and a new obsession emerged. I also found the training app, “Couch to 10k” and signed up for the Turkey Trot last November. Like I said earlier, medals are my motivation, so I threw out the idea to run the same 1/2 marathon I once walked and signed up for one in June.

I love the peace I find on my early morning runs with Luna but also found joy in running with others on Saturday mornings with the Milers. I follow several running vlogs on YouTube, and many have run the one race I thought only those with a screw loose would want to run. Yes, not only a marathon but the one and only, New York City marathon! Yesterday I put my name in for the lottery to run just that marathon as I figure, I am training for a half in June, might as well go big in November. So, fingers crossed, I am certain I will find a way to make it happen!


Editors note:  Alison thank you for your willingness to share your incredible story. Your near-future race plans may be on hold due to the current Pandemic situation, but keep at it! We look forward to hearing your future successes.

Before Pic
Alison and Luna January 2020