Junior Milers Corner

Junior Milers Program Training Runners for Life

Miler Staff Reports


If you love running and you love kids, then there is not much that is more rewarding than implementing a kids after-school running program.  The Lake County Milers, led by Coach Sheri Cobb are in the middle of their 2nd such session of the newly formed Junior Milers and are being met by great success.

Kids love being with other kids and parents love their kids to be active so the Milers have a winning formula.  Throw in the added bonuses of a program where the majority of the kids are already at practice when school get out (the elementary school) and planned incentives are awarded at every 2.5 mile stepping stone (made possible by a grant awarded to us by the Kids Run the Nation RRCA program) and it isn’t hard to see why kids are loving the program.  Children that may not be a good fit for other types of organized sports can find their niche with the running program and with step-by-step determination can earn awards.

Sheri Cobb with her confident coaching presence, her team building approach which includes a strong component of instilling respect and kindness towards each other, and her firm belief that the kids have to earn every incentive (charms, official Junior Miler shirts, the coveted honor of being allowed to run off campus with the advanced group), is teaching kids to be patient and work hard to achieve their goals. “Sheri really believes that the kids can accomplish anything they put their minds to” states Jeanine Burnett, events director for the Lake County Milers running club.  “There is no one that believes in the ability of these kids more than Sheri.” The Milers don’t take the “every one gets a medal” approach, we believe in rewarding hard work and think it is a great life skill to learn. If a child is having difficulty reaching a goal than an adult helper often comes along side that child and runs with them to help them achieve success.

The program is also very successful because of the dedicated Lake County Miler and parent-runner volunteers.  These volunteers know how much joy running has instilled in their own lives, so sharing it with their young charges and seeing them improve week after week is very rewarding.

Hard work, sweat, laughter and smiles reign supreme week after week at Junior practice. This session will culminate with the Miler’s signature event “The Spring Has Sprung Run 5k and Kids run” where these kids will be able to put their newly found skills to the test and compete on April 22 in Hidden Valley Lake CA.  For information about the event and to register go to www.runsignup.com/spring.