Mike Addis in Boston, by Jeanine Burnett, May 25

There are a few experiences in life that impact you in such a way that they are life altering. Mike Addis, the first Lake County Miler to qualify and actually go to the Boston Marathon while a Miler member, reports that he had such an experience this April.

Most of you know that to qualify for the Boston Marathon it takes a ton of talent, determination and a measure of luck on race day.  A runner is extremely fortunate and justifiably proud if he/she qualifies with 5 or less minutes to spare. Mike qualified last year at the Avenue of the Giants Marathon with an almost unheard of 38 minute margin. 

Speaking of Proud, below is the list all of  the Lake County Milers that have qualified for Boston:

Marie Sherman
Megan Buffalo
Jen Perez
Mike Addis 
Alisha Bazzano

It takes talent, guts, purple toenails, sweat and tears to qualify for Boston. The Milersare so proud that all of you runners have what it takes and pushed HARD to get it done. Here is to many more Milers making the journey to Boston in the near future and coming back with Boston stories of your own.


For the rest of us:  Whatever your goals are in your own journey, I encourage you to step out this summer season and work on it. There is a abundance of Lake County Milerbuddies that are more than willing to help you along the way. Take one step forward and continue from there.

 Mike Addis in Boston: A Life Changing Experience (continued from Home Page) 

He qualified, and decided to actually run it! Fast forward to race day in Boston:  Mike decided early on in the Boston Marathon that this marathon, this day, was not going to be one that would be fast. His legs cramped up, it was hot and humid, and he just didn't have what it took to run a hard/fast marathon (believe me, it takes A LOT). Much to Mike's credit, he was able to switch gears mentally and emotionally and take the race for what it was and live in the wonderfully diverse and exciting moment.  Mike stepped out of the hardcore racing mode and into celebrating a larger-than-life event with an almost overwhelmingly friendly and supportive crowd, in a city filled to the brim with history.

Mike- the Milers are so proud of not only this accomplishment, but all the many one-of-a-kind running accomplishments you have racked up over the years. We appreciate that you are willing to fill us in on the amazing  journeys you have taken- that many of us could never travel first hand, mostly because we lack the herculean physical gifts you possess. We would be remiss to not mention your wonderfully supportive companion and wife Jeanette- that is ever-present whenever you need her.