Mega-400 miles
Gold-250 miles

Mileage Challenge 2020

Silver 175
Bronze 80
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How many miles can you Run, Walk, Jog, run over the months of May and June?

Redirecting Goals during Shelter in Place   

Alexa Yancey, PT, DPT1

Ironically enough, the last time I wrote an article for this newsletter- it was about writing goals. Specifically writing goals for 2020. Well, 2020 isn’t exactly going as anyone planned...That doesn’t mean that your exercise goals have to suffer though! Maybe they have to be “redirected” but ultimately, you CAN still reach your goals!

The biggest challenge I find is motivation right now. It is so much easier to enjoy my time at home and using this time to bake, learn a new hobby, or just relax and watch Netflix (has anyone else binged several series!? Please tell me I'm not alone...). However, I have to remind myself that just because everything around me is different- my routine (sleeping in more), my work (change in hours), my social outings (non-existent)- it doesn’t give me a “free excuse” to fill my body with junk and sit on the couch all day. Even small victories, like going for a walk, limiting TV time, or decreasing the amount of trips I take to the fridge, are all wins! Just because the original goals you
had for 2020 aren’t panning out, don’t give up. Make smaller, more attainable goals now.
The point is- don’t beat yourself up if you’ve “let loose” a little bit during this time. It is normal. Just don’t let it consume you. Remember that your body still needs exercise, still needs good fuel, and still needs a clear mindset. I strongly encourage everyone to actively participate in the Lake County Milers Two Month Mileage Challenge. Record your weekly miles (walk/run/jog). Make sure you hold yourself accountable. Get a friend involved (from afar of course). We WILL get through this. Do what you can, redirect goals as needed, and celebrate your victories!

Maximum Number of Miles Run by One Perso
Total Cumulative Challenge Miles Run by


 Final standings:


 Mega     8


 Gold      7


 Silver     7


 Bronze 31