Lake County Milers Officer Roles  


As an Officer or board member of the Lake County Milers, whenever possible you will attend monthly board member meetings and email “meetings”, Club runs, and Club-sponsored events.  You are representing the Milers and as such, are asked to be a positive representative, without bias. You should make every effort to actively promote our Club and Events within the positive guidelines and act as a liaison or “voice” for the members of the club that you are in contact with and report back to the officers any special needs etc.… 


Individual Roles:  


President:  Have a global understanding of all club operations.  The president is responsible for ensuring club requirements are met: i.e. county permits, IRS filings, liability insurance, etc. The President coordinates monthly meetings, working with secretary in creating the agenda etc.  The President should be a positive, progressive individual who encourages others and works to facilitate meeting the needs of the club/community.  The President delegates/oversees/helps others in club responsibilities as needed. 

Vice-President:  Under the guidance of the President, gain an understanding of all Club operations and be able to fill in for the President when need be. He/she takes on special projects as the need arises. This individual should be a proactive individual who is willing and able to help in the club development.  


Secretary:  Accurately record minutes and forward to president in a timely manner, pick up and distribute mail, update event mailing lists/email lists and assist in event mailings as needed. Works with president to type the agenda for upcoming meeting. Maintain club membership registration process and update as necessary. Perform special projects as needed/able. 

Treasurer: Maintain up to date electronic record of Club finances and report at Club meetings. Work on club member annual renewals with secretary.   Co-sign checks when necessary for Club Expenditures. Deposit checks and pay club bills when the need arises. Treasurer is to communicate effectively regarding 

expenditures, finances etc… with all satellite locations, to ensure proper tracking of expenditures (HVL and Kelseyville).  The Treasurer will assist with filing both State and Federal Tax returns annually as required within the deadline and provide a copy to the President for records. The Treasurer position has a heavier workload during peak club event periods. 


Member-at-Large (South County/ North County): The Main focus of this position is to promote the club’s running and walking membership/programs/events to the community with posters, postcards, etc…. in their location and take notice of the local demographics that may plug into fitness.  To recruit, welcome, encourage and lead members at the lower mileage “outreach” weekly runs/walks that are scheduled.  This person makes sure there is a club representative “leader” present at the above scheduled runs/walks in their area when they cannot be there. The Member-at-large will report to the Officers meetings needs for the group they oversee and work diligently to increase interest in the area they serve.  The Member-at-Large will work closely with other “leads” in their area that coordinate other club runs. (example, long distance Sunday runs and out of the area training runs).

Communications Coordinator:  The coordinator manages/oversees our club website along with various other forms of communication and may help the race directors with promotion on the website, FB and press releases and the newsletter.   

Event Director:  The Event director will oversee/train the Race Directors at our various events ensuring that the race director understands all the requirements of them and most effective way to facilitate an event. This will include volunteer management, communication, permit filings, insurance requirements, adherence to our Mission statement and Event policy. In addition, the event director will in-service the directors on event needs: shirts, brochures, publicity, budget, fundraising, as needed to ensure the event is successful and as stress free as possible. This person will be the go-to person for race directors for issues /questions that arise. The Event Director also works closely with the Members-at-large regarding questions about promotions/outreach/waivers etc…