Relay for Life: Roaring Success! (continued from the Home Page) was apparent we could have our race—and relay too.

Participating in an American Cancer Society Relay For Life is an emotional journey. Everyone has been affected by cancer—everyone. Speakers and topics at opening and closing ceremonies and the luminaria presentation after sundown touch us all. Goals for our Milers team at Relay were simple: raise money for the cause and expose people in our community, especially MHS students, to our awesome running club. On both counts, we were a roaring success! Dollars are easy to measure (see below). Awareness is less tangible, but no less real. The students, teachers and advisors that organize Relay know we were there, and they very much appreciate that fact. Years from now you may hear about the time the Milers’ first came to Relay. Thank you all for your support.


By the numbers (at last count):


Milers raised: $1,635 from our club. Woohoo!!!


Middletown High School: $39,155 from our small community. Simply amazing!


There has already been much discussion by Milers that participated this year about next year’s Relay. Cancer never sleeps. Neither do Lake County Milers.