My website Introduction (Continued)

... ago and now live here a part time basis.  We’ve made some great friends here, but we also love this area for its outstanding climate, the majestic landscapes and especially for those activities we love like hiking, running and biking and more.  Another passion of ours is sailing, and so we spend a good chunk of our summer back in the Great Lakes.

I'm retired now, but that I enjoyed a rewarding career developing business software applications.  I also designed and built some web sites along the way. Prior to my software career, I spent seven years teaching in schools that enabled me to develop communication skills that proved to quite useful in my technical career.













website goals ...

In building this website, my primary goal was to design a site that 

  • has a modern and appealing presentation

  • is user friendly for both club members and site managers

  • increases the functionality of the website

  • facilitates improved communication for the club

  • enhances and extends website access by incorporating relevant social media tools

  • delivers a variety of accessibility (computers, ipads, phones 

key features ...

Some of the most notable features  introduced in the new website include a blog, a members only section and a capability to post to facebook and other social media apps.  There will also be an area showing recent facebook and instagram feeds as well.











The Lake County Milers blog is a lot like our email newsletter.  It will contain news of our events, schedules, accomplishments and experiences. It will pretty much resemble an abbreviated newsletter with a 'click for more' button on the bottom.  When this button is clicked, you'll be redirected to the corresponding blog page on the Lake County Milers website.  In keeping with with the current social media environment, you the reader, can 'like it' on facebook, share a facebook comment or even post the whole blog to your own facebook page. There are also tags associated with each blog that can be found on internet searches.  Once on the website blog, you can easily check past blog posts as well.  

Now that your on the website, you may also want to check with some of the new members only features.  For example, you can update your weekly mileage challenge numbers.  You might also want to check the members directory for a friends phone number or email, or look at some of the latest Milers apparel. Finally, we've  introduced a new Milers forum.  It's a great discussion area where members can interact with question, answers, and opinions to such topics as upcoming races, training techniques, new runner issues, running gear, dealing with injuries and other topics.